What to say…

What does one do when they feel the need to write something of significance, even if for one’s own posterity, but is sick of the 140-character hate-filled mindset of Twitter or the whiny repetitiveness of Facebook?  I guess that is where a Return to the Blog has to come back into one’s life.

I used to write daily in a blog.  Anyone remember the Yahoo 360 days?  Good times.  I wrote daily, diligently, and with purpose.  Then life got busier, 360 folded up, and the Microwave Mouthpieces of MySpace, Twitter, and Facebook took over.  Suddenly, there was no place for people like me.

For various reasons over the years, I have been run off Facebook a couple of times and MySpace became a non-factor.  As for Twitter, unless you are in a daily hashtag combat with what is making people angry at the moment, no one cares what someone who has less than 300 followers thinks.  Twitter, for now, is most useful to me in that I can get general local news, weather, and a few sports updates. Of course, I have found a few like-minded people, who only want to bring positive words and beautiful pictures to the masses, so there’s that.

I have tried restarting my blog several times.  I cannot stay consistent.  I know part of this is the fact I suffer nearly daily from migraines and I do have a hard time focusing.  HOWEVER, my boys are older now, and maybe I will have more time to write.  I am not sure what topics I will cover. I do have a variety of things that interest me. I enjoy photography, crafting, and actually trying projects I find on Pinterest.  I also enjoy a wonderful relationship with my LORD and Savior, Jesus Christ.  Know that at the onset.

This page will be a little of everything, and a whole lot of Jesus.