What’s the point….

I’ve had an awful week.

I’ve been sick. I have ZERO friends so I can’t talk to anyone.  I can only cry out to God and He works in His timing, not mine, so my head tends to overrun with every bad thought of every bad thing, decision, and bad word sent my way.

I truly want to give up.  Even though I know this isn’t the answer to things and I am only speaking out of a weakened state, that is the consensus of how I feel.  Save for my youngest son, I don’t feel like anyone would really be upset if I was no longer around.  I feel like most people hate me and that my existence is unnecessary.  No one listens to me and if I was just out of the way then their lives would be easier because what little I do is unappreciated.

I’ve been told I contribute nothing to the household so much that I believe it.

I text people and I’m not worth being bothered with a reply.

I don’t understand the world and it doesn’t understand me.


I am so done with it all.